Trappist Beers

Trappist beers are brewed by trappist monks. There are six trappist monasteries  in Belgium, these include:

Rochefort, Westmalle, Westvleteren, Chimay, Orval and Achel.   Zundert is brewed in the Netherlands and Tynt Meadow in the UK.

A beer can only be classed as a trappist beer when it is brewed within the walls of a trappist monastery, under responsibility of the monks. Beer is brewed  for the subsistence and the maintenance of the monastery.  Most trappist breweries do not strive to continually increase their production, enough is enough after all!

Belbev Asia is the only importer in Thailand  licensed to supply the following authentic trappist beers:

 Orval      Achel     Westmalle     Rochefort    Zundert     Tynt Meadow

 Other Bottled Belgian Beers

Bel Bev Asia has the largest range of bottled Begium beers in Thailand.  With large refrigerated warehouses in Bangkok and Phuket containing thousands of cases of beer, you can be assured your craft beer will reach you in peak condition, in many cases, on the day of your order.

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