• Lambertus Smooth Belgian Whisky

    Issued from a recipe dating back to J. Zacharias in 1836, the pharmacist of the family, this Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur, flavoured with honey and herbs, was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery.
  • Gouden Carolus Single Malt

    Right now there are only two major players on the Belgian whisky-making scene, but global interest in Belgian whisky is growing. Launched in November 2013, Het Anker has ensured G Belgian Single Malt is widely available since their first production so everyone can experience Belgian whisky. Appearance: The word Gouden means golden in Dutch, which is exactly the colour of this spirit. A kind of light and bouncy golden, like sunshine. Nose: Sweet and citrusy, with light grassy fields and honeydew melon. It’s really approachable, almost perfumey in its sweetness. Palate: It’s got light flavours, still sweet and light almost exactly as it smells. On the front, light grapefruit flavours pick up into lemongrass, followed by the bitterness of orange peels and leather, anise and copper. The funk from the Belgian yeast comes in on the finish to round out the sweetness and balance the bitterness. It's sweet from beginning to end, with all the other flavours coming in three distinct waves.
  • HAVN Antwerp Gin

    Havn Antwerp Gin

    A sweet and fruity scent developed by the blend of cinnamon and rhubarb combines to create a truly superior Flemish gin. Lots of sweet comforting aromas of vanilla and cinnamon, this Gin is best served with a  Superior Italian tonic. A truely stylish gin in a class of its own  


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