Achel Bruin

Achel Bruin Trappist beer 330 ML – 8 % ABV

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The Bruin has some surprisingly fruity aromas, of pear, banana, raisin and plum. Its taste betrays touches of caramel, biscuits, cakes and cookies.  Remarkably smooth for its alcoholic volume this beer will please Trappist and Abbey beer lovers.

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Achel Bruin  330 ML – 8% ABV in stock available for delivery today

From the Trappist abbey of Achel. Brother Antoine, who had previously been a brewer at the Trappist Abbey of Rochefort, moved to Achel to help develop the twin stars in the new brewery’s firmament – the Achel 8 Blond and Achel 8 Bruin.

While remaining a typical Trappist beer, it’s also one that’s easily drinkable. This dark-brown beer, with its aromas of dried fruits, tastes nicely full in the mouth – with surprising touches of caramel and coffee – but also manages to be very refreshing at the same time.

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