Kasteel Cuvee

Kasteel Cuvee 330 ML – 11 % ABV

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Dark yet Smooth and stylish with a beautiful aroma, would you expect anything less from the only brewery in Belgium to be housed in a castle, hence Kasteel (dutch for castle).

This beer will not disappoint even the most discerning beer lover.  The floral Cuvee is 11% alcohol, yet light as light and floral as many much lower volume beers.  Definitely one to try.

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Kasteel Cuvee 330 ML – 11% ABV in stock available for delivery today

A think black colour with quickly disappearing off-white head gives way to a fruity aroma of, honey and caramel.

This beer has a malty start with fruity flavours and an almond bouquet.  Another amazingly palatable beer despite its high alcoholic content from the Honsebrouck Brewery.

Van Honsebrouck is the only Belgian brewery located in a castle. This is why their beers are called ‘Kasteel’, Dutch for castle.
This lovely appetizer is blond coloured and the 2012 edition. This beer is best served cold its lovely matching beer glass.

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