Kasteel Donker

Kasteel Donker 330 ML – 11 % ABV

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Another unique and delicious  Belgian beer in the Kasteel range.  This highly palatable beer is a whopping 11% ABV but goes down very smooth. Maybe something to do with the English hops.

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Kasteel Donker 330 ML – 11% ABV in stock available for delivery today

Donker is the genuine flagship of the “Kasteel” range.  The name is a clear reference to Ingelmunster castle owned by the Van Honsebrouck family. This beautiful castle is depicted on the label as well as on the bottle top and the glass.

When the brewing process has ended, this is left to rest for six weeks before it is allowed to leave the brewery.

Strangely enough, this beer uses English hops. Over the years the beer has changed its name various times. Originally launched as Kasteelbier Donker, it morphed into Kasteelbier Bruin and Kasteel Bruin before returning to its roots: Kasteel Donker.

Kasteel Donker is a fully rounded and creamy beer with hints of chocolate, banana, liquorice and raisins. It has a sweet taste and aroma of port.

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