Kerel New England IPA

Kerel New England IPA (session)  330ML – ABV 2.5%
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A unique combination of fresh fruit and hoppy aromas come together to form this tropical island paradise of a beer. Full of sun-soaked notes of island fruit and lush freshness of a unique low alcohol IPA.

A real thirst-quenching IPA, ideal for a tropical climate.

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Kerel New England IPA (session)  330ML – ABV 2.5%

This smooth and juicy combustion of hoppy aromas marries the sun-soaked notes of island fruit flavours with the lush freshness of a low alcohol IPA.

The Kerel range of beers is produced in Belgium by The Verbeeck brewery which has been around since the end of the 19th century when it became one of the most beloved independent breweries in the northern region of Belgium.
The brewery was, is and remains a family business.

Craft beer lovers should definitely try this unique Belgian beer.


Verbeeeck Brewery, Tielrode

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