Rochefort 10

Rochefort 10 Trappist beer 330 ML – 11.5 % ABV

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Brewed with natural spring water from the local Tridaine spring, pale malt and Munich malt, unmalted grain, Hallertau and Styrian Golding hops, yeast, candy sugar and granulated sugar.

Initially sweet with chocolate notes, a liquid milky draught with a backbone of bitter malt you will pick up traces of cloves, citrus, orange and mocha. A truly wonderful beer!

Like most Belgian beers, this one also has its own proprietary Rochefort glass. As is typical for Belgian Trappist beers, this glass is tulip-shaped and available from our store in Box sets

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Rochefort  10 Trappist beer  330 ML – 11.3% ABV in stock available for delivery today

The earliest mention of a brewery at the Rochefort Abbey dates from 1595. The abbey and its brewery were closed in 1794. The abbey was re-established in 1887 and the brewery was re-established in 1899. Around fifteen monks currently live at the Abbey.

The water for the beer is drawn from a well inside the monastery walls. Rochefort uses Pilsener and Munich-type malts, and Hallertau and Golding hops.

The beers are named Rochefort 6, 8, and 10, referring to their gravities.

The Rochefort 10 is recognised by its blue-crown seal.

This beer is only available in bottles. The Rochefort 10 is the best known, and most frequently served, of the three Rochefort’s

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