The leading provider of Belgium Beers in Thailand, now offers a unique range of spirits

The leading provider of Belgium Beers in Thailand, now offers a unique range of spirits

The ethos of Belgian Beverage has always been providing unique, quality products to our customers. For over 11 years we continued to offer the largest range of Belgium beers in Thailand with well over 150 products on offer.

In recent year Belbev has been expanding into a unique high-quality range of bespoke  Spirits, These include not only popular Gin, Genever’s, Vodka and Rum but also now premium Whiskies, Cognacs, Brandies, Liqueurs as well as unique fruit and other infusions such Advocat and specialist bitters.

Below you will find our products grouped by distilleries, each with its own downloadable information file.

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Limited Edition Delirium Gin 42% ABV 700 ml

Gouden Carolus Single Malt

NEW PRODUCT – Although there are already a lot of gins on the market, the offer of gins based on beer is still quite limited. The reason is obvious: this requires a special distillation process and not everyone dares to venture into it. Nevertheless, Huyghe brewery did find this specific know-how at Rubbens distillery in Wichelen, which – just like Huyghe – has a long tradition.

A number of test brews were made on the basis of the main ingredient Delirium Tremens, juniper berries and other botanicals that the distillery wishes to keep secret, from which the brewery eventually chose 1 ‘winning’ recipe. The result is a 42% gin with a unique taste: the fruity esters and almond notes of Delirium Tremens are recognizable in the smell and are reflected in the taste which is very smooth, spicy with a sweetish touch and a slightly spicy aftertaste.

Gouden Carolus Award-winning Belgian Whiskey

Both beer and whiskey are made from grain mash.

Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a refined whiskey distilled from Gouden Carolus Tripel beer mash. Subsequent ageing in First Fill Bourbon barrels followed by further ageing in ‘Anker’ barrels (oak barrels reworked by the cooper according to our own specifications) results in a refined whiskey with a rich and balanced flavour.

The subtle fruity aromas are deliciously enhanced by notes of wood and vanilla. Anyone who wants to distil whiskey must follow the rules of the art

Single Malt 46% ABV 700ml

Gouden Carolus Single Malt

Bourbon casks followed by further ageing in ‘Anker’ casks (oak casks reworked by the cooper according to our own specifications) results in a refined whisky with a rich and balanced taste.   Fruit aromas with hints of wood and vanilla.

Single Malt Sherry Oak 46% ABV 500ml

Gouden Carolus sherry oak whiskey

After an initial maturation, this whisky was enriched with a selection of Oloroso sherry barrels, made from 100% American oak. The result: an intense, fruity whisky with hints of ripe fruit, vanilla and dark chocolate.

By The Dutch –  Spirits with a Dutch Heritage

By the Dutch’s goal has been to broaden international awareness of traditional handcrafted and premium spirits of the Dutch heritage. Their spirits are crafted in full respect of the Dutch tradition and bring to the finest products their country has to offer. Download the PDF file for a full description about the origin and methods of production of their labels, so that any consumer can really know what they are about to taste. Their packaging is designed to be educative, in a vintage style depicting the old craftsmanship behind their products.

“By the Dutch” was born in September 2015 to tell a story to the world.
A story of tradition and craftsmanship.

Dry Gin ‘By The Dutch’ 42.5% ABV 700ml


This Dry Gin is a careful blend of different botanicals distillated  in small batches. Blood Orange and Lemon Peel are balanced by the spiciness of Coriander, Nutmeg and Cinnamon and enriched by the herbal notes of Laurel Leaves.

Batavia Arrack Rum  48% ABV 700ml


Batavia Arrack Rum is a distillate based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia, dated back to the 17th century. It’s comprised of a very specific range of Pot still distillates.

Old Genever ‘By The Dutch’ 38% ABV 700ml

Belgian Spirits

Our “Old Genever” is made according to an old recipe dated back to 1942. The smooth, subtle and malty flavour comes from using a high maltwine-content, made from rye, corn and malted barley, triple-distilled in copper pot stills.

Advocaat ‘By The Dutch’ 20% ABV 700ml

by the dutch Advocaat available in Thailand

The origins of the “advocaat” are unclear. The production of the original Dutch Advocaat is a delicate craft that only a few specialists have truly mastered.

Specialist Bitters ‘By the Dutch’ 50ml

Specialist bitters from Belgium by Belgian Beverage

‘By the Dutch’ has a range of 3 exquisite bitters including; Orange Bitters, Ginger Bitters and Classic Bitters.   Essentials for cocktail enthusiasts, mixologists any any good bar.

White Batavia Arrack Rum 48% ABV 700ml

“By the Dutch” Batavia Arrack

“By the Dutch” Batavia Arrack is a distillate based on sugar-cane molasses, produced exclusively on the island of Java, Indonesia, dated back to the 17th century.

 1836 Gin, Vodka & Rum

Two centuries of expertise and a rigorous selection of its raw materials go some way towards explaining the distillation secrets of the Radermacher distillery. Uncompromising on quality, it remains faithful to ancestral traditions and recipes while bowing to the demands of modern production, which come together to create distillates of exceptional purity.
Organic farming without the use of artificial pesticides, chemical fertilizers, irradiation, or genetically modified grain is ecology friendly for land and water. For the Organic 1836 range only certified organic grain is used.

1836 BARREL AGED GIN 42% 700ml

Barrel Aged organic Gin

Made of an infusion with – juniper berries, coriander, orange and lemon peel, rosemary, aniseed and sweet-scented bedstraw –  This 1836 Organic Barrel Aged Gin rests for a period of 6 months in an oak barrel of the belgian whisky Lambertus.

1836 ORGANIC GIN 43% 700ml

1836 organic gin from Belgium

This unique Gin is made from an infusion of 11 fruits, roots and various plants such as juniper berry, bergamot, lemon peel, coriander, angelica, orange peel, cardamom, lavender, elderflower, cinnamon and pine in a certified organic grain distillate.

1836 ORGANIC PINK GIN 37.5% 700ml

1836 pink gin from Belgium

The 1836 Organic Pink Gin is its amazing pink-infused cherry in a gin combining certified organic wheat distillate with roots and fruits such as juniper berry, orange peel, bergamot, cardamom, elderberry and lemon rind. the rum its particular typicity and full bodied tastes.

1836 ORGANIC RUM 40% 700ml

1836 Organic Rum from Belgium

After a first ageing in french Limousin Oak barrels, which contributed previously to the ageing of the Lambertus Whisky, the whole richness of the rum’s aromatic palette will then be refined by a finishing in new American oak casks.
Inspired by the Lincoln process, the 1836 Organic Barrel Aged Run is finally filtered on flakes of organic fair trade cocoa beans, which gives the rum its particular typically and full bodied taste.

1836 ORGANIC VODKA 40% 700ml


For Radermacher Distillery, founded in 1836, the secret of distillation lies in the expertise of nearly two centuries and a careful selection of raw materials.
Produced with the best grain from organic farming, Organic Vodka 1836 is the first certified organic vodka in Belgium.
Ample and delicate, it owes its exceptional purity to the water drawn from the sources of the Belgian High Fens.

 Lamburtus Whiskey

Two centuries of expertise and a rigorous selection of its raw materials go some way towards explaining the distillation secrets of the Radermacher distillery. Uncompromising on quality, it remains faithful to ancestral traditions and recipes while bowing to the demands of modern production, which come together to create distillates of exceptional purity.
Family founded by Lambert Radermacher in 1836, Radermacher Distillery produces a wide range of spirits and liqueurs, grain and fruit-based. A few years ago, gin and vodka were added to their portfolio. Their Lambertus line of whiskies includes a single grain matured for 10 years in casks of oak, a smooth malt Liqueur, a single cask and a single malt.
Whiskey enthusiasts will love these bespoke and totally unique Belgian whiskeys.

10 Year Old Whisky 40% 700ml

Lambertus Premium belgian whisky aged 10 years

Lambertus 10 Years Single Grain Whisky matured for 10 years in oak casks The Unique and splendid richness of this whiskey is due to the perfect harmony between the malt, the fine grain and the subtle note imparted by the oak.

Belgian Malt Liqueur 35% 700ml

Limbertus smooth malt liquor

Issued from a recipe dating back to J. Zacharias, the pharmacist of the family, this Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur, flavoured with honey and herbs, was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery.

Single Cask Whisky 48.4% 700ml

Lambertus premium belgian whisky single cask

The Lambertus Single Cask Whisky is issued from a rigorous selection of the best barrels and bottled without chill filtering at 48.4% vol. Every numbered bottle contains a maximum of aromatic energy and concentration.

Single Malt Whiskey 46% 700ml

Lambertus premium belgian whisky single malt

The Lambertus Pure Single Malt is undeniably a unique whiskey, through its exceptional ageing in casks made from American white oak (Quercus alba), which for two years refined an extraordinary premium tequila.

Sylvius Dutch Dry Gin 45% 700ml

sylvius dutch dry gin thailand

Product: Dutch Dry Gin: 45% / 90 Proof

Sylvius Dutch Dry Gin has 10 ingredients, all natural and the real deal. Our citrus fruits are freshly cut and the spices our ground when needed. Every single ingredient has had the utmost care and attention before getting drowned in our ultra wheat spirit!

Tasting Notes: Big, fresh notes of lemon, with juniper and angelica developing soon afterwards.  Malt, cinnamon and vibrant star anise are the main players here, with a flowery lavender hint and some cheeky liquorice hiding deep within.

Onder De Boompjes’ award winning Genevers

Onder De Boompje distillery dates back to 1658 and is the second oldest distillery in the Netherlands. Still privately owned they produce award winner genever and gin.
They only use fresh and natural ingredients, bottle everything themselves and make every single distillate by hand. No production is outsourced, giving them full control over our quality standards.

Currently, they have 4 types of genever each of which is a must-try!

Traditional  Genever 35% 700ml

Boompjes Genever Thailand

This genever is made with 10% maltwine, the key ingredient to any genever. Tt’s made with rye, malt and corn for extra flavour!

Old Dutch Genever 38% 700ml

Boompjes Old Dutch Genever Thailand

Boompjes Korenwijn is made by distilling a macerate from grain alcohol with a variety of fresh and partly organic botanicals and herbs.

Korenwijn Aged Genever 42% 700ml

Boompjes Korenwijn Genever thailand

Boompjes Maltwine is made by distilling the mash (Malt, Rye and Corn). Then it’s aged in Bourbon Barrels for 4 years.

Maltwine Genever 40% 700ml

Boompjes Maltwine Genever thailand

Boompjes Old Dutch is made by distilling a macerate from grain alcohol with a variety of fresh herbs and fresh-cut or peeled fruits.

Caña de Emperador specialist rums

Inspired by the world, each bottle of Caña de Emperador has its own unique story to tell, and is made with passion and attention to detail

In search of authenticity, Caña de Emperador seeks to assert all the nobility of craftsmanship and respect for the environment with its Fair Trade  White Rum from Paraguay and its 16-year-old rum Sourced from Guyana and then aged in Liverpool.

A Really delicious and lovely rum with plenty of cocoa, tobacco, cinnamon and some muscovado-sugar. A treat clearly worth its price.

Caña de Emperador 16 years old Rum 40% ABV 700ml

Caña de Emperador 16 year old rum

Distilled from carefully selected molasses in the French Savalle Column Still at the Diamond Distillery Complex in Guyana.
Then aged in ex-bourbon barrels in Liverpool for 16 years, Caña de Emperador has been carefully designed, with a silky and intensely rich taste.
This 16 Year Old Rum is perfect to enjoy neat, or paired with a cigar, you will be surprised by its unique taste and character.
Get a taste of the world with just one sip!

Caña de Emperador Organic White Rum 40% ABV 700ml

Fair Trade Organic White Rum

Caña de Emperador Fair Trade White Rum, is a 40% white rum, reflecting the authentic taste of Paraguayan Rum. It is made by the Otisa Sugar Mill distillery in Paraguay.
This rum expresses a different style, a unique quintessence of local flavours.
It has been created from an alliance of a new rum and a rum aged 1 and a half years bourbon barrels, charcoal filtered and blended together to form the unique Caña de Emperador style.

HAVN, exclusive Gins and Rums, made in Belgium

In 2016 HAVN launched four different gins in the flavours and fragrances that represent the four corners of the world. Gins that, through their flavours, take you to different places, different customs, rituals and people.

One year later the journey of HAVN continued along with the tastes and traditions of the world and a collection of three selection rums and one overproof rum was launched. In keeping with the HAVN philosophy, this new series features references or links to the country of origin and a major maritime harbour as the point of departure for each blend.

Thanks to HAVN, you can relive those memories time and again. Wherever you are, you always take a piece of the world with you.

HAVN Antwerp Gin 40% ABV 700ml

HAVN Antwerp Gin Thailand

Come home in Antwerp, with  this unique gin, where the black, cast-iron pots are bubbling on the stove, full of Flemish rhubarb and comforting aromas.

HAVN Bangkok Gin 40% ABV 700ml

HAVN Bangkok gin in thailand

Travel to distant Bangkok with its harmonious golden lightness of lime leaves and lemongrass, which is in strong contrast with its spicy ginger flavours.

HAVN Copenhagen Gin 40% ABV 700ml

Havn copenhagen gin thailand

Feel the freshness of lime zest and a sea breeze. Immerse yourself in Copenhagen and taste the salt of silver smoked fish and salty seaweed.

HAVN Marseille Gin 40% ABV 700ml

HAVN Marseille gin thailand

Allow yourself to be caressed by the warmth of a setting, copper sun on your skin as you smell the Mediterranean herbs and olives in the port of Marseille.

HAVN Georgetown 40% ABV 700ml

Havn rum gerogetown thailand

Smoked aged rum with hints of salt, cardamom & coffee bean. A premium rum available in four different compositions

HAVN Rum Havana 40% ABV 700ml

HAVN Rum Havana

Sweet dark aged rum with hints of tangerine, vanilla & cacao. A premium rum available in four different compositions

HAVN Mauritius 40% ABV 700ml

HAVN Rum Mauritius

Fine dark aged rum with hints of the ugni blanc grape, lavender & fennel seeds. A premium rum available in four different compositions.

HAVN Overproof 55% ABV 700ml

HAVN Rum Overproof

Crispy white rum with hints of freshly pressed sugar cane. A premium rum available in four different compositions

Curberdon Gin Holy Water 40% ABV 500ml

Cuberdon Gin Holy Water

As is true for many delicious candies, it is believed that the cuberdon was partly invented by accident. Inspired in 1873 by a batch of discarded medicinal syrup that had turned hard on the outside but remained liquid on the inside, the pharmacist De Vynck opened up a candy shop.

Cuberdon Gin is made from juniper berries, flavoured with a natural aroma of raspberry, red fruit and carefully selected herbs and Cuberdon candy. Spicy flavors of the juniper berries, coriander, cardamon, iris root and some orange zest contribute to the taste and provide a refreshing mouthfeel. The addition of the cuberdon does not make it at all sticky over excessively sweet because the taste of the cuberdon mainly penetrates the aftertaste.

Perfect Crime Gin 41.4% ABV 500ml

Perfect crime gin bangkok thailand

The subtly blended flavour qualities of this gin are dedicated to the revival of the early 20th Century flamboyantly flirty dress codes and exuberantly festive occasions, making it a voguish asset for any bar.

An Amalgam of Rosemary, Lime Mandarin and our secret botanicals comprise the intriguing concoction Perfect Crime.

The Sensual East meshes with the sophisticated west on a journey through time on the Orient express from France to the world.

A truely unique gin for the discerning palate.

DUINGIN not just a Flemish Gin

Located at the Belgian coast in the town of Oostduinkerke, right between the Belgian dunes. The idea was to create a pure gin with an authentic flemish ingredient: the Sea ​​Buckthorn Berry.

This rich berry blends it into his favourite drink. On the nose, it has the refreshing smell of seaberry mixed with the juniper berries. The very typical sweet-sour taste of the berries is well balanced in the mouth and is supported by a complex mix of herbs and spices.

Following the big success of our first gin we decided to make another one; Ginius was born and more followed…

DUIN GIN 43% ABV 500ml

Duin Gin Belgian Gin in Thailand

This rich berry blends it into this favourite drink. On the nose, it has the refreshing smell of sea berry mixed with the juniper berries.

GIN IUS 40% ABV 500ml


Nine carefully selected botanicals, including lavender and laurel, give Ginius its unique character. Cloudy under the influence of ice.

OXY GIN 45% ABV 500ml


Ten carefully selected botanicals, including rich antioxidants like Sencha (greentea) and Bamboo give Oxygin its Asian touch.

GIN GER 49% ABV 500ml

Gin ger london dry gin

Seven carefully selected botanicals, including galanga root and lemon thyme give Ginger its unique character.

Rockhopper Rum 40% ABV 500ml

Rockhopper Rum Thailand

Of course, ROCKHOPPER is intended to be experimented with…
But, the whole idea behind this fantastic rum is to get people to start enjoying rum PURE again. That’s why every ROCKHOPPER giftpack comes with a BRANDED GLASS, COOLING STONES & a JIGGER. Freeze the cooling stones, put 3 of them in a glass and serve some ROCKHOPPER on top of them, sit back, relax and enjoy this SMOOTH, BALANCED & RICH taste.

Off-Dry sweetness, smooth/warming alcohol feeling,
Dried/candied fruits, grilled pineapple, vanilla, brown sugar, bourbon oak. Long finish with complex notes from oak and dried orange peel.

Spirits by Design Belgium

Spirits by Design is a young, professional Belgian company, led by Tim Veys SC, the sommelier-master distiller.
The company was founded in 2015 and we are growing ever since.  All developments and productions are done in house: from small batch to big volume premium beverages.
Spirits by Design wants to be the best in (small batch) handcrafted premium spirits in Belgium.

Gingerlo Liqueur 21% ABV 700ml

Gingerlo Ginger Liqueur

Gingerlo is the first Belgian ginger liqueur. The ingredients are subdivided into groups and then subjected to a four-week maceration process. This is a purely physical process in which the botanicals are exposed to organic alcohol for 4 weeks in order to obtain the natural taste per ingredient. A completely unique Ginger Liqueur.

Crazy Monday Gin 48% ABV 500ml

Crazy Monday Gin from Belgium

Think of an awakening forest. Breathe it in. The scent of Crazy Monday. It is where the magic begins. An army of elves throwing a party in your nose and melting into a dance of folly in your mouth. Lavishly sprinkling around citrus and herbs, lightning bonfires within. Crazy Monday is liquid madness. It’s made in Belgium and totally bonkers.

Albatross Liquor 16% ABV 750ml

albatross fruit liqueur

Albatross is a sweet and sour fruit liquor based on fresh blackberries and Italy’s biggest lemons. Extra complexity is given by grain alcohol. All naturally produced in Belgium, this premium liquor was constructed by hundreds of people (with enquiries) who made a recipe that was accessible to a very large group of people with different tastes.

MOÅ Vodka 40% 700ml

MOÅ is an all natural infused vodka

Product:  natural infused vodka: 40% / 80 Proof

MOÅ is an all natural infused vodka, flavoured with kaffir, ginger and bergamot: beautifully rich yet light and refreshing. Distilled in the second oldest distillery in the Netherlands: Onder De Boompjes, originated in 1658 and still privately owned. Onder de Boompjes produces various types of genevers, gins and other liquors with their astounding experience.

Freshly cut ginger, bergamot and kaffir lime leaves. These organic ingredients give our vodka a beautifully rich yet light and refreshing flavour. Making it the perfect match for tonic water, soda or as part of a refreshing cocktail.

Belgian Spirits Company

Belgian Spirits Company is a distillery that is situated in the heart of Belgium, near Leuven.
They are a distillery where craftmanship and the use of local products are one of the main pillars in the company.
At Belgian Spirits Company they do not only produce their own brands, but they also create some of the finest brands in the market today under private label.
Their motto is: With passion, love and patience.

PJ Belgian Elderflower Gin 40% ABV 500ml

PJ Gin Elderflower

Juniper-based grain distillate infused with lemon pulp and elderflower blossoms. Sweet citrus flavor with an elderflower aftertaste.

PJ Belgian Dry Gin 40% ABV 500ml

PJ Gin Dry

Grain distillate flavored with juniper. A dry and firm taste where the alcohol comes through soft and crispy.

PJ Belgian Apple Gin 40% ABV 500ml


Gin with a base of juniper, grain & sugar beets infused with six different Belgian apple varieties. Yellow hues with a scent of green apples.

PJ Gin Raspberry 40% ABV 500ml

PJ Gin Raspberry

Belgian Craft Gin with a base of juniper, grain & sugar beets infused with fresh raspberries. Dry raspberry flavor with a fruity aftertaste. Sweet and fruity to taste with a  raspberry aroma and gentle pink hues.

Gallia Belgica Rum 37.5% ABV 700ml

Gallia Belgica rum

Distilled from sugar cane. Gallia Belgica is a blend of top rums of the Trinidad region made by the master blender PJ Frooninckx himself. Slow distillation and a unique filtration process make it a distinctive spirit.

Equality Aperitif 17% ABV 700ml

Equality Aperitif

Juicy grapefruit meets elegant elder flower, green apple, adventurous lemon, angostura bark and pink rose. Equality unfolds its magic on your taste buds. A Sweet, floral and grapefruit aroma with pink hues.

The history of Radermacher Distillery

In 1836, Peter Radermacher, a farmer by trade, decided to found a gin distillery. At the time he already possessed a mill and could use the ground corn as raw material for the distillation of gin. This was the beginning of Radermacher distillery. His son Leonard succeeded him after his death and took over the agricultural distillery.
Leonard died at the age of 69 and his four sons Josef, Pierre, Willy and Lambert took over the reins of the family business. Their main activity was the production of gin and liqueurs and the bottling of wine which they bought in barrels.
Lambert Radermacher died in 1983. He had always regretted the absence of a son to whom he could hand over the activities one day, but his grandson, Bernard Zacharias, inherited both his passion and love for the profession.
After his grandmother’s death in 1989, Bernard Zacharias took over the distillery at the age of 22. His enthusiasm, his creativity, but above all his devotion and respect for family traditions have led the company to the place she deserves as one of Belgium’s leading distilleries.

Today, Radermacher Distillery is very proud to look back on her more than 183 years of existence and offers a wide range of spirits, liqueurs, fruit flavoured aperitives and Whiskies.  She appeals to the top level of the European market while valuing and being eager to respect ancient recipes and traditions and never skimps on the variety or the quality of her products.

For a long time, Radermacher products have only been reserved to the local and Belgian connoisseurs, but they are now being appreciated by a vast public in numerous countries worldwide.

Macaya Chocolate 15% ABV 700ml

macaya chocolate liqueur Thailand

MACAYA chocolate liqueur is the result of a collaboration of Belgian chocolate maker Jean-Philippe Darcis, and combines perfectly the most authentic aromas of cocoa beans with a rich cream.

Café Ardennais 30% ABV 700ml

Café Ardennais coffee liqueur Thailand

Café Ardennais is a very tasty coffee liqueur. Its strong and full-bodied flavour invites to discover the alchemy between roasting and distillation. A real treat for every coffee lover!

Peket Original 1836 30% ABV 1,000ml

Peket 1836 genever

Peket 1836 is a classical, smooth jenever with juniper berry flavour. The authenticity of the word Peket, which derives from the walloonish dialect and stands for jenever is best expressed in this product.

Töpfergeist ABV 38% 700ml

Raerener Töpfergeist thailand

This jenever is the subtle marriage of malt and juniper berries (to be translated by The spirit of the potter of Raeren). Its pure taste and the fine perfume of the thorny juniper enchant both nose and palate.

Woodberries 12% ABV 700ml

woodberries aperative in thailand

The fruit flavoured Woodberries aperitive is a subtle blend of spirit and natural fruit juice with a truly original flavour and fresh fragrance. Natural, fruity, long-lasting evolution of flavours.

Limeplus 12% ABV 700ml

Lime plus belgian aperative

Only the best limes! The acidity of its juice and the floral aroma of its zest, its extracts and essential oils, this combined know-how and inspiration creates the stunning aperitive called LimePlus!

Limoncello 30% ABV 700ml

Belgian Limonchello thailand

Sirupy liqueur characterized by intense fragrances, a sweet and pronounced lemony taste and a bright yellow colour. Limoncello is made from the infusion and maceration of lemon rinds.

Nova Fruit 14.50% ABV 700ml

Nova Fruit favoured aparatives

The fruit flavoured Woodberries aperitive is a subtle blend of spirit and natural fruit juice with a truly original flavour and fresh fragrance. Natural, fruity, long-lasting evolution of flavours.

O’live GIN 40% ABV 500ml

O'live Gin

Of course, it’s the Mediterranean olives that make O’live GIN such a special gin. But there’s more! Contrary to most gins, O’live GIN is made with corn alcohol, which complements the olives’ rich flavour beautifully.

O’live GIN is a fully-distilled gin. This means that each of the botanicals, including dehydrated olives and juniper berries, is distilled separately. The various distillates are then combined in just the right quantities to create the unique O’live flavour. During the creation of this very special gin, no additives or extracts are used.

The delicate yet rich flavour of this special gin makes it a versatile spirit. You can enjoy it straight, in a classic Gin & Tonic or in a delicious cocktail. But that’s not all! O’live GIN is very well suited for cooking. Whether you use it in your salad dressings or your marinades, O’live adds a touch of class to your favourite dishes.


Handcrafted in small batches by the Belgian Spirits company, SKOG GIN is a gin-based on a morning stroll through the Flemish forests. It has mineral hints and a velvet aftertaste. Let the woods grant you with a pure relish.

SKOG Gin Ultra Pure 40% ABV 500ml

SKOG Gin Ultra Pure

COLOUR: Clear distillate.

AROMA: SKOG GIN is a gin based on a morning stroll through the Flemish forests.

INGREDIENTS: Gin based on mineral flavours of the forest.

STORAGE: We advise you to store it in a dark and dry place.

FLAVOUR: It has mineral hints and a velvet aftertaste. Let the woods grant you with a pure relish.

PERFECT SERVE: Mediterrean tonic – Lemon peel

SKOG Gin Oak Aged 40% ABV 500ml

SKOG Gin Oak Aged

COLOUR: Aged distillate

AROMA: SKOG GIN is a gin based on a morning stroll through the Flemish forests with hints of birch aroma coming through.

INGREDIENTS: Aged in oak barrels with spices from the forest.

STORAGE: We advise you to store it in a dark and dry place.

FLAVOUR: It has mineral hints and a velvet aftertaste. Let the woods grant you with a pure relish.

PERFECT SERVE: Dry tonic – Orange peel

Maîtrepierre Organic Vermouth 14.50% 750ml

Maîtrepierre organic vermouth

Product: Maîtrepierre Organic Vermouth (Red/White): 14.5% / 29 Proof

The aperitif Maîtrepierre was created in 1997

Red wine-based drink enriched with maceration of red fruits (Morello and Bigarreau cherries, strawberries), verbena and angelica. Warm ruby colour. This composition of aromatic notes reflects the perfect balance between fruits, spices and herbs.

White wine-based drink enriched with maceration of exotic fruits (mango, papaya) and lemon and orange rind. Soft and delicate flavour enhanced by the fresh citrus notes.