Kasteel Rouge

Kasteel Rouge 330 ML – 8 % ABV

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Completely unique in style character and taste Kaseel Rouge is made with by adding cherries but is unlike other fruit beers. Full-bodied and strong at 8% volume this reminds you of a box of cherry liqueurs. Wonderful aromas and rich taste this beer really grows on you.

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Kasteel Rouge 330 ML – 8% ABV in stock available for delivery today

Kasteel Rouge uses Kasteel Donker as a base. The beer was launched in 2008 and is the “fruitiest” offering within the Kasteel beer range.

“Belgian ale with cherries and cherry juice added,” declares the label. One glance at the bright ruby colour in the glass, with its loose pink foam, and one sniff of the jammy aroma, with its marzipan notes, tells you much the same thing. This is a boldly fruity drink, packed with tart, fleshy dark cherries, with a sugary note on the palate and an acetic bite at the back of the throat. The fruit is sumptuous and powers on into the sweet, but drying, finish. It’s too full-on for volume drinking but with chocolate pudding, it could be a revelation.

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