Amazing Lambertus smooth Belgian Whisky No3

Lambertus Smooth Belgian Whisky

Issued from a recipe dating back to J. Zacharias in 1836, the pharmacist of the family, this Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur, flavoured with honey and herbs, was created in memory of Lambert Radermacher, one of the founders of the distillery.

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Dark amber colour with a brilliant touch of old copper.


Delicately perfumed with vanilla and caramel notes, the Lambertus Smooth Malt Liqueur develops into a splendid final of honey and herbs.


The subtlety of the malt with a smooth note of honey meets the fineness of aromatic herbs.


The Lambertus Smooth should be served at room temperature allowing its fine aroma to be revealed at its best. Appreciate the richness of aromas and the subtle flavour of the Smooth liqueur in a balloon glass …

A delicious moment of seduction.


We suggest you to store the bottles vertically in a cool and dark place

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