Bacchus Frambozenbier

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Bacchus Frambozenbier 375 ML – 5 % ABV

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Every fruit beer lover should try this delicious raspberry beer,  a perfect blend of sweet and sour. It’s sharp, yet refreshing and thirst-quenching. The moment you pour it our you can’t help notice the immediate aroma of raspberries.

This is a very drinkable and highly popular fruit beer.

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Bacchus Frambozenbier (Framboise) Raspberry beer   375 ML – 5% ABV in stock available for delivery today

Bacchus Frambozenbier is a Raspberry fruit beer based on Bacchus Oud Vlaams Bruin (Old Flemish Brown)

The Bacchus Frambozenbier is characteristic for West Flanders which led to its recognition and accreditation as an official regional product.

This is similar to the “Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée” used in France. This accreditation will guarantee the origin and quality of food and beverages produced under a specific name and in a specific region.

Beers from the Bacchus range come in 375 ML bottle and are hand-wrapped in a paper covering. The Bacchus Frambozenbier is characteristic for West Flanders and, just like the Kriekenbier, it is an officially accredited regional product from West Flanders.

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  1. George Maarten

    Quite high price in Thailand but this beer is really one of the best Belgian beers you can buy. I would highly recommend and also not easy to find. But this company seems to be the best for Belgian beer in Thailand.

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