A new beer exhibition is due to open later this year  in the heart of Brussels at the historic Stock Exchange building, the Belgian Beer Experience is expected to rival the Guinness Storehouse in Dublin and the Heineken Experience as the new “Temple of beer.”

It will not only explore not only Belgian beer itself but will reveal all aspects of the unique Belgian Beer drinking culture. Visitors will also be able to explore the history, the ingredients, the invention and the craftsmanship behind the brewing process in a series of interactive galleries, before entering the lab to match their favorite beers to a complementary regional dish.

The whole point is to show the Belgian beer drinking culture and how it’s part of life, like wine drinking in France, but unlike the Guinness or Heineken experiences, it will represent 1,500 brands from across Belgium.

The exhibition will begin with a virtual barman, who will teach people about etiquette and serving. A historical section will then map out how beer drinking culture has evolved, beginning with the Trappist monks.

After they learn each step, they can have a go on a Heath Robinsons-style interactive experience, where leavers are pulled and dials set to create each visitors’ very own type of beer.

The show ends at the “Beer wall,” which showcases 1500 Belgium beers, some of which you can smell, and others you can use interactive terminals to learn more about.

Can’t wait!  and the show is expected to get some 300,000 visitors per year.

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